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JX PCB is a industrial leader in Printed Circuit Board Fabrication services in China, we focus on Hi-End and Hi-Precision QTA sample, Prototype and Small-to-Medium-sized job manufacturing.

JX utilizes state-of-the-art fabrication technology to produce top-quality and 100%reliable PCBs, the products are widely used in variety of industries including but not limited to:

Communications, Industrial Control, Computers and Medical Instruments, we are also the key supplier to Hi-Tech markets of Automotive, Aerospace and Military Defence. The stability of our high quality and on-time delivery brought us high recognition from worldwide customers as well as other PCB manufacturers.

With 2 layer boards completed in 24 hours and 4-8 layer boards turned out in 2-5 days, our daily output capacity is more than100 projects with over 10,000M2 of monthly delivery area, and 94% of our revenues are generated from HI-Multilayer products.

We''''ve been continually investing on adding cutting-edge manufacturing equipments importing from Germany, Israel, UK and Taiwan in order to meet our clients ever changing needs and requirements, and a new Volume Production facility in inland of China will be launched before October 2012, our production capacity will be dramatically expanded to monthly 80,000M2 shortly.

We have more than 400 staff, among them there are 50 professional and experienced engineers to make sure that we fully acknowledge your design and thus make the best PCBs to fulfill your requirements. Under the leadership of managing director Mr. Maurice Ma, we continuously and consistently strive for zero defects while committing to fast turn around, on-time delivery and unparalleled service, this is achieved by continuously investing in new equipment, upgrading the skills of our employees and fostering a environment of mutual trust, respect and loyalty.

We at JX PCB will all the time be dedicated to helping our clients to reduce their production cost and critical development cycle time, this would be beneficial for them to capture more business and at the same time reduce costs.


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